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In truck-based hauling systems, the mine haul road network is a critical and vital component of the production process.

As such all the aspects of highway engineering, including road grades, curve elevation, sight distance, stopping distance, adequate drainage, etc., must be followed to facilitate the construction and maintenance of safe and efficient haul roads for the transport of product and equipment to its destination.

Taking into account the economic restrictions regarding infrastructure development it is of vital importance to implement the most economic and cost effective road rehabilitation strategies. IGH Buildings has been involved in rehabilitation projects for many years and has developed effective repair strategies with regard to flexible as well as rigid pavement structures.

The demand for electricity is ever increasing. Capital investment in electricity infrastructure is required to meet the increasing demand from households, agriculture, commerce and industry for additional capacity. The demand growth exceeds the loading capacity of many networks.

The process ensures that your pond has the capacities to reduce the dangers which come with heavy rain. Furthermore, floodwaters travel at rapid speeds and can damage surrounding areas due to the lack of proper water pathways. We supply the manufacturing, design and installation of Attenuation Pond Construction. This ensures that your space is protected against stormwater and other forms of heavy rain phenomena.

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