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What is a French Drain?

A french drain is called a variety of names such as trench drain, perimeter drain, sub-surface drain or drain tile. Ever since 1813, engineers and agriculturalists today are using french drains to redirect groundwater to protect building or house foundations. French drains are made up of three essential components: a human-made trench, perforated pipe, and gravel. It is still considered the best and most effective solution to control groundwater drainage.

Will a French Drain Protect My Foundation?

Yes. No other system can redirect groundwater as quickly and efficiently as a french drain. American Dry Basement Systems uses a unique installation process that integrates a 4-inch diameter french drain to guarantee the complete removal of groundwater 10-inches below your floor. The water is redirected to the french drain pipe, never visible or noticeable, and never touching your porous floor. Our french drain systems work in all types of foundations; three-piece poured, three-piece blocked, and stone. You most likely have one of these three foundations.

When Should You Install a French Drain?

The first tell-tale sign is when the humidity level in your basement or crawl space rises after every rainstorm or when the snow thaws. The next sign is a trickle of water on your floor coming from the walls, floor or where the wall meets the floor. The final and most obvious is when your basement is flooded with water. Contact American Dry Basement Systems or call during our business hours, we will be able to schedule a free inspection. We will isolate the problem, tell you where the water is coming from, how it can be fixed and give you a quote if you American Dry Basement Systems offers a lifetime transferable warranty. Exterior systems have a limited warranty for usually ten years.

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