Our Services

As your preferred service provider, we manage your project and in IGH’s case often operate as the tradesman, employed by you the client. We are responsible for the overall coordination of your project.

Prior to engaging with us, it would be customary for us to do a site visit to get a better understanding of your project. Unfortunately in this day and age, with petrol at an all-time high, it is necessary to cover our costs in the form a small deposit which is refundable should you accept our quotation.

Our costs consider our overheads, general conditions, materials and equipment as well as the cost of labor to provide the owner with a price for the project.

IGH would be responsible for providing all of the material, labor, equipment, and services necessary for the construction and completion of any project. It would be our prerogative to hire any specialized subcontractors should this be required.

Responsibilities may include applying for building permits, securing the property, providing temporary utilities on site, managing personnel on site, providing site surveying and engineering, disposing or recycling of construction waste, monitoring schedules and cash flows, and maintaining accurate records.

Underlying are a list of our services on offer: